Zagros Petchem Plant Develops LCA Plan

Zagros Petchem Plant Develops LCA Plan
(Monday, November 9, 2020) 15:53

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Zagros Petrochemical Company's environmental management has developed a product life cycle assessment (LCA) plan with the aim of accurately assessing the location and extent of pollutants and providing a roadmap for identifying and controlling pollutants.

According to the public relations of Zagros Petrochemical Company, last year, the company conducted product life cycle studies for its production and this year, with a life cycle assessment approach, will formulate its environmental management plan.

Among the measures taken so far in order to implement this project are the following: collecting new information regarding the review of air emissions’ list, assessing airborne emissions due to product loading, assessing airborne emissions due to leaks to the cooling tower system, assessing airborne emissions from storage tanks, review and approval of the whole life cycle list of methanol, and implementation of Zagros petrochemical methanol product life cycle evaluation in Simapro software by ReCipe method and analysis of methanol product life cycle evaluation.


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